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City Departments    [ JOB OPENINGS ]
City of Hamilton Missouri


Hamilton City Hall
200 S. Davis / PO Box 217
Hamilton, Missouri  64644

Fax:  816-583-4929

City Council / Mayor  - Directory Available on our Government Page

Jean Van Iperen - City Administrator    


 Debra Davis - City Clerk



 Greg Ball - Zoning Administrative Officer      



Police Department

104 W School Street
Hamilton, MO 64644
Ph: 816-583-7311
Fax: 816-583-2752

Police Chief  - April Locke

Full Time Officers
Sgt. Robbie Cox
Corporal Jason Sackrey
Officer Sam Wright
Part Time Officers
Jared McGinley
Sarah McGinnis
Michael Cline

Public Works

Wayne, Randy & Willie                 



City of Hamilton, Missouri USA

200 S. Davis / PO Box 217
Hamilton, Missouri  64644
Phone:  816-583-4911 / Fax:  816-583-4929

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.