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City of Hamilton Website Legal Information

Thank you for visiting the Hamilton, Missouri website.  There are certain things that you should understand when using this site.


Information is for the Convenience of the User, and is not Generally an Official Record of the City

Unless specifically noted, the information on this website is not official.  It is provided as a service to people needing information about the City of Hamilton, Missouri and its government and some of the City's activities.  Policies, regulations, ordinances and discussions about practices and procedures of the City are published as a convenience to users.  Although every effort is made to ensure their accuracy when placed on this website, the only official information must be provided by the offices and departments of the City.  For example, only the records of ordinances and other records of the City Council maintained by the City Clerk are official records of those things.


Links to the City's Webpage

It is possible you reached this site through a link from another webpage.  The City of Hamilton, Missouri cannot control the sites that choose to provide a link to this page.  For that reason, the City cannot, and does not, necessarily endorse the content on any other webpage that might contain a link to the City's site.  Please know that if you link to any part of the City's website other than the first page, the information that will result may be displayed in an unusable or less usable format.  For that reason, we ask that you link only to the first page.  We also ask that if you link to this site, you not frame the City's site giving the impression that your site is actually the Hamilton, Missouri web page.


Links from the City's Webpage

The City may also provide links to other sites for the convenience of people visiting the Hamilton site.  Although every effort is made to ensure sites linked by the City are appropriate for the use intended by the City, the City cannot control changes in content on other web pages.  For that reason, the City cannot, and does not, necessarily endorse the content on any other webpage that might be linked by the City.

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